Mai 2017 favorites :)

This month was full of different manicures, and this one is a few selected 🙂 The following manicures were all made with moyulondon nail stuff 🙂

First one:


This nailart is one of my favorite, because it was still cool here in may and i love summer vibes coming from this one 🙂 These nails are with moyou london tropical stamping plate 15 and 16 🙂

( )

Second one:


Laces 🙂 I just love them, so I made this manicure, it was done with the moyoulondon stamping plate fashionaista number 16 🙂

( )


Microsoft PowerPoint-Präsentation (neu)ougu

Something different and gloomy, but that is exactly what I wanted with this manicure: P with moyoulondon stamping plate gothic 13. ( )



Alice in wonderland, what should I say. I love the feeling of alice in wonderland and these plates were also one of the first I ever ordered ^ ^. Everything with moyou london stamping plate alice, a bunch of them ^ ^ (



Something hip, as the name already betrays ^^ hipster collection from moyoulondon, the number 14 ^^

( )

Last but not least: 


That was the most beloved nail art from my instagram account of this month, i can understand it, nails, animals and glitter, perfect?! ^^ All amde with the moyoulondon animal stamping plate number 3. (

Those were my favorites, if you want to see the other manicures, take a  look on my instagram account 🙂 (

as always thank you for reading and have a nice day.





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