Easter Nails Favorites 2017

All these Manicures werer made with the Festive sramping Plates 26, 13 and Number 09. ( https://moyou.co.uk/collections/festive-collection ) Number 1: Bunny themed Nails, I love Bunnys and for easter they are also perfect ^^ At first i did an ombre underground with three different pink colours and above I stamped some easter stamps 🙂   … Continue reading Easter Nails Favorites 2017


March favorites 2017

It's the beginning of april, so here are my favorites drom march 😉 First So this month, was pretty bussy, I was in London. And for this situation I did some london inspired nails. Made with the moyou london travel stamping plate. Second At the same time I was in London, St.patricksday happend 😉 So … Continue reading March favorites 2017