Alice in Wonderland Nails

So, I made a challenge for my self, to made some alice in wonderland nails 🙂 All the mainucures were made with the series alice from mo you london 🙂



First one, was of course Alice herself, themed ^^ So a nail, for alice, one for bows and on the small one, there came tubes and drink me 🙂 With Alice colors from the films, white, black and blue 🙂


And next, the madhatter, here, of course, with hats and watches. 🙂 He is one of my favorite charcters from the books and films 😀  september5

Now it is time for the queen of hearts 😀 Of course the nails were res and full of hearts ^^


And last but not least, the white rabbit. Here I made it more tea party themed, beacuse thats one of my favorite scenes from the movie ^^


Thats all for this time,

thanks for coming by,

love ines :*


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