Alice in Wonderland Nails

So, I made a challenge for my self, to made some alice in wonderland nails 🙂 All the mainucures were made with the series alice from mo you london 🙂   First one, was of course Alice herself, themed ^^ So a nail, for alice, one for bows and on the small one, there came tubes … Continue reading Alice in Wonderland Nails


August Favorites 2017

Now, after autumn begins, here are my favorite summer-impressed manicures from august 🙂 Ahoi ^^ sweet sailor nails 😀 made with the @moyou_london #sailor #stamping #plate 🙂 Perfect for the summer and let me feel again the wind on the sea 😀   MONSTER TIME 😀 This manicure were made with the  #comic #stamping  #plate from @moyou_london 🙂  I love monsters, thats all I … Continue reading August Favorites 2017