I was in london the last few days and for this journey I made my nails fitting with the places I go too ^^

Left hand 


For this manicure I used the tourist 01 stamping plate from moyou london ( 🙂

I did an ombre blue and white nail as background on two fingers, the rest was gold ^^ On my little finger you see the English flag. On my ring finger is the London bridge, the London eye and the gurky. The middle finger is full of “typically” English stuff, like a crown, the police mans head etc. And on the index finger is a red bus and again the London bridge 😉

Right hand


Inspired from the middle finger from the other hand, I did a full black, white and gold hand on this side. Like the other hand, here you got some typically english stuff 😉


The typical English stuff I got inspirited from 😉


Thanks as always for reading and hope you have a nice day 😉



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