The month of love, or the best of my valentinesday manicures

The beginning of Febuary till the 14th, my Nailart is under the theme “Love”. All the Manicures were made with moyoulondon festive stamping plates.

Nailart Number 1.


I started with a little angel, love mail and hearts inspired stamping action . All on the foundation of a light ombre manicure in nude.

Nailart Number 2.


For the second manicure, I wanted some unusual valetinesday inspired manicure. That’s why the blue is the main colour here, but the stamps on it are valetines style 😉

Nailart Number 3.


For this manicure I choosed 4 different pink colours and used them on each nail. Here is the theme, clearly Hearts and pink 😉

Nailart Number 4.


For this manicure I chose the nail polish from kat von d because, it has such a nice dark color. The white stamps seemed to fit, just like the script and hearts 😉

Nailart Number 5.


This naildesign was online, the day before valetinstag, so the 13th. For this I wanted again a rather unusual design. This is why here again a more “unromantic” base color. But also the stamps a connection to valentginsday with the hearts.

Nailart Number 6.


And at least, the manicure for valentinesyday. I used pink and gold, and a lot of romantic stamps, I didn’t used before.


I hope you all had a nice valentinesday, no matter whether you’re celebrating it or not. 😉

If you wonna see more of my manicures, please follow me on instagram :


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