New Nail Rack

So, after I took all my Nailpolish to a friend of mine, to make her nails. I thought, I need a new Way to store my Nailspolish, so that I can see, what I have. Espacally, after this happend ^^


All my Nail polish, plus my Kitty ^^

Yeah, so I googled, Nail rack and all I could find, were Nail Racks, that cost a lot and I don’t like. So, I thought about a DIYS variant. After a little bit, more googeling, I find my Answer. The Mosslanda ( ) from  Ikea. In original it’s for Pictures, but, as I did, you can also use it for Nailpolish 😀


It turned out well, but just not enough for my polish, so I need another one ^^


I hope, xou liked this post and maybe it help you, with your Nail addiction and to store them well ^^


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