First How-to-do stamped Nails


My Workingplace before I start

So this is my first post, in the section, How-to-do’s. And the first Thing I did, was a simple Stamp Job. First I painted my Nails in bronze, I needed two too three layers. After that I also painted some of the same polish on a piece of paper, and stamped on this piece some diferent motifs, to see what looks the best.


How I create the perfect match in between nailpolish and stamp

After I find, the “perfect” match, I stamp them on my Nails. After I have done all my Nails, I have to clean my pad an my stampingplate. The Stamping plate, is very easy to clean with Nailpolish remover. For the stamping pad I use sticky tape, thats really the easiest and fastest Way to clean it 😉

And after this is also done, I aplay some top coat on my Nails, so that the colour are shinny and the polish last longer, without breaking.


finished, but not cleaned nails


So, the First How-to-do is finished, Hope you liked it. 😉


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